_CLIENT____ The Hague Public Library ___________
together with the Royal conservatoire of the Hague

_ROLE________ UX Team Member ______________
also Video Production and Communicator

_TEAM_______ Team of 5 (incl. me) _____________
every member was from a different country​​

------------------------- GOAL -------------------------
"The current music collection of the Central Library in The Hague is barely known by the majority of visitors. Most people do not know what to expect when going there, which in turn makes it uninteresting to them. On the other hand, people who know about the floor might not be intrigued by the collection since it is primarily related to classical music and neglects the interests of many potential visitors - especially the younger target demographics of teenagers and (school) students. Therefore, the library needs a solution that can help to engage all potential visitors in an interactive music experience. The current music floor facilities are, simply to say, not attracting enough visitors."
The goal of this project was to completely reinvent the music floor in the public library of the Hague. In order to do this, we had to make sure we knew exactly who was going to be using this music floor and make sure we engage as many target groups as possible. It had to be engaging and fun for young, old, musical experts and beginners. This reinvention also had to include the current collection of the library, the conservatoire and the national archive including age old music pieces stored away safely. Also for those pieces that were stored away, we had to come up with a way to both preserve and showcase these pieces. ​​​​​​​

------------------------ RESULTS -----------------------
Using the power of user-research and many types of desk research, we managed to get a good understanding of the people who we are designing for. From this we created user portraits and many user stories which together with the user journey mapping we did, it formed a solid base for our design phase, which started with brainstorm sessions and the creation of a lot of concept posters.
After deciding which small concepts will be included in our final coherent concept, we made some Lo-Fi prototypes of some of the concepts that needed further explanation. For this I created a video in After Effects to demonstrate the concept of 'Bips Beats'.

'Bips Beats'  Lo-Fi Prototype

In the end, we had to show our entire concept and different user journeys in a video. This was, with my video skills, right up my alley and together with a teammate we managed to create an exciting showcase video of the entire new music floor...

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